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Ben McWhorter Resume

Phone: 865-679-6107
E-Mail: ben.mcwhorter@comcast.net

Independent Management and Marketing Consultant (September 2016 - present)

I discovered that I no longer had to work "full-time" and opted to work for myself again on projects that I enjoy.

Local Sales Manager, Journal Broadcast Group/E.W. Scripps (February 2014 - September 2016)

I'm fortunate to work at a great company with excellent people for WWST, WKHT, WCYQ and WNOX. We have more resources here than anywhere I've ever worked, and enjoying it every day!

Independent Management and Marketing Consultant (October 18 2011- February 2014)

After Cumulus Broadcasting took control of Citadel Broadcasting, I choose not to work for the new company, so I resigned (I couldn’t betray my conscious and work with the new company's prescriptive way of managing.)

After resigning, I worked on consulting projects for some trade magazines and radio groups.

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Citadel Broadcasting of Knoxville, Director of Sales (December 2009 - October 17, 2011)


Instructor at University of Tennessee (January 2010- May 2011)

Taught Media Sales (JEM 420) for three semesters.

WIVK-FM, General Sales Manager (March 31, 2004 - December 2009)

What an exciting opportunity to work with talented salespeople and a great LSM at one of America's premier radio stations-- in a place I have always loved-- Knoxville, Tennessee!

Independent Management, Marketing and Sales Consultant (January 2003 - March 2004)

I provided consulting services for companies when I was sure that I could help. Providing consulting services fits my competencies, and I really enjoyed helping "troubleshoot" problems for others. Helping people (and businesses)improve is where I thrive. During this time, I worked on projects for The Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce, The Bruno's Event Team, Arbitron and Inside Radio.

I was also an active member in The Birmingham Advertising Federation (BAF), American Society of Trainers and Developers (ASTD) and Sales and Marketing Executives (SME) of Birmingham.

I also spoke to various organizations about management, marketing, sales and the media.

WRRS-FM Radio, Manager of Sales and Marketing(March 2001 – December 2002)

I managed a sales staff, wrote marketing collateral and performed all duties associated with general sales management while also assisting our stations in Hunstville, Al (WAHR, WRTT and WLOR) as a consultant. After WRRS was sold to Crawford Broadcasting, I worked with the Huntsville stations exclusively for six months in a management consulting role, commuting from Birmingham to Huntsville.

Arbitron Radio Station Services, Marketing Manager (May 1998 - March 2001)

My main role at Arbitron was that of “troubleshooter.” I was hired on the heels of Arbitron’s purchase of Tapscan (a Birmingham radio software company). It’s one of those jobs that’s difficult to “put on paper” but I could do it if I really wanted to. I wrote articles in the Beyond The Ratings newsletter and advised on Arbitron's “imaging” at various industry events. I also wrote sales collateral for our various software offerings and was very involved in the repositioning of the MapMAKER software by working with customers, doing surveys and developing sales strategies.

One thing I enjoyed the most at my tenure at Arbitron was facilitating Customer Focused Selling (CFS) training to the Arbitron sales team (and keeping that philosophy alive at various managers and sales meetings). This is a concept I've believed in since graduated from college. The reality is that today most salespeople cite "customer focus" as a glib paternoster with no true meaning behind it. The true meaning of "customer focused" has been severely bastardized.

One other thing that was very interesting (which made me grow professionally) was to manage two key radio industry studies:

  • “Radio’s Biggest Local Spenders Speak Out”- a perceptual study of how local radio advertisers feel about radio and other media. and....

  • “What are Your Salespeople Thinking/Are Your Salespeople Ready to Fire You?”
  • - a perceptual study of how radio salespeople feel about their job, management and career opportunities within the radio industry.

    I also had various tasks and duties related to Tapscan such as:

    • managing two very talented, top-notch individuals.
    • conducting “test market” studies of Tapscan yield managment software, and arranging feedback from an outside research firm.
    • servicing local test market stations.
    • leading the cessation of the development and marketing of unprofitable software (based on the results of independent studies.
    • personally "trouble shooting" key customer dissatisfaction issues (including on-site meetings with client management and staff to observe and evaluate the ability of the software to meet the client’s needs).
    • ending agreements that didn't make sense for the company.
    • leading and facillitating the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) committee for Tapscan.
    • meeting with other vendors, and exploring alliance and acquisition opportunities.

    Independent Sales and Marketing Consultant (April 1998 - May 1999)

    During this time I enjoyed working with Charter Cable , Family Times Magazine, UAB Special Studies , Black & White Magazine, Dick Broadcasting in Knoxville, and Arbitron.

    Dick Broadcasting, Manager of Sales and Marketing (August 1995 - January 1998)

    (WZRR, WYSF, WRAX, WJOX and WAPI) I was responsible for local and national revenues for all five radio stations and I worked directly with the WYSF and WZRR sales staffs (12 – 14 Account Executives). I also managed the national sales manager, and local sales managers for WJOX/WAPI and WRAX. There were about 30 people in the sales department. Note: My management role at Dick Broadcasting is most-often titled "Director of Sales" (or DOS)at radio groups which own "clusters" .

    NewCity Communications- WZZK and WODL Radio (July 1984 - August 1995)

    Manager of Local Agency Sales (1991 - August 1995) - I worked with a group of local account executives while increasing our focus on the local agency community, designing, creating and implementing customized systems to “super serve” ad agencies.

    Local Sales Manager (November 1987 - 1991) - I directly managed 4-6 account executives.

    National Sales Manager (August 1985 - November 1987) - I handled all out-of-state accounts and worked and managed the national sales efforts through Katz Radio, our national sales representative.

    Account Executive (July 1984 - August 1985) - I worked with local accounts (mostly retail).

    WAPI Radio (December 1982 - July 1984)

    Account Executive WAPI-FM “95 Rock”.

    WERC Radio (July 1982 - December 1982)

    Account Executive WERC “Newstalk 960”.


    University of Alabama, Birmingham (Fall 2002 - Fall 2003)
    (School of Education)

    University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa (1980 - May 1982)
    (B.A. Communications- Broadcasting Major, Speech Minor)

    University of Alabama, Birmingham (1979 - 1980)

    University of Tennessee, Knoxville (1978 - 1979).

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