Updated Note to the Knoxville Media Community-- What's The Deal With This Website??? (And Why Should I Care?)

per the e-mails and phone call suggestions I have received from many of you… I took the information from most of you and added more links that should be of interest (all the links are to the right of the home page.)

You now have access to local media and marketing news in Knoxville… and I’m still adding information, news and more links as YOU give me more input. These key links also include important media-related web links that matter to you (and matter to most people who are employed in the media industry in almost ANY "non-third-world" media market.) I have also added and "enhanced" some "not so media-related" links as well in the "Other Local Links That Matter" and "My Favorite Links" sections.

This website still needs a LOT of work, but this is at least a decent "start" toward the site that I want it to be for Knoxvegans! (I do know the actual term is "Knoxvillians"… so slack off on the corrective e-mails!)

It takes a while to get most of the key information listed, but it’s easier now that I have the "basic" information updated.

If you decide to check back on this site on a daily basis, you will find it a RARE occasion where the "Latest Media News" section isn’t updated with at least one new article or two each day.

Although I did attend UT for about a year (many years ago,) and have visited Knoxville annually for football games (three to five times a year over the past two decades) I still didn’t live in Knoxville on a regular basis like "you-uns" have and need your help and suggestions to keep the site current. (I actually heard that "you-un" phrase the other day for the first time in eons! I love it!)

This site also has links to other (non-local) media related resources that you probably regularly visit. If I haven’t included some of your favorite (or regularly visited sites,) please let me know anon.

I got this domain (benmac.com) in 1998 after I left Dick Broadcasting Company(DBC) to work as a consultant and to work for myself…(I was the Director of Sales at DBC Birmingham for about three years in Birmingham after working for NewCity Communications’WZZK (Country Format) (for over eleven years) in Birmingham.

For the record… YES, I did actually leave both NewCity and DBC VOLUNTARILY— I wasn’t "run out on a rail" or anything like that… (in fact, I have never been fired from a radio station in a position which I have held… which is really beating the odds… I have been lucky! Knock on wood!)

When I went into consulting, I needed a web site. And although I never had to use it for consulting purposes (referrals are the "ticket" in that business,)I started thinking of ways I could use it rather than leaving it unused and sitting dormant… it was virtually unused for about three years.

So I asked myself this question:

"Myself– why not display my normal newsletters and other key market information for the local media community?" (Which pertained to Birmingham at that particular time.)

Then this original idea expanded with more and more input and suggestions from media people and readers in Birmingham. I also used some informal primary research, and eventually came up with the concept you are now viewing… (and it will always change over time as readers make suggestions via e-mail to me.)

Just look at the links to the right (and click them)and you’ll see what I mean.

This site is just a great "hobby" for me… and "re-doing it" for Knoxvegas has helped me to learn more about the market more quickly. (No offense to stamp-collectors or Trekkies, but this keeps me "in the know" where I actually need to know what’s going on.)

In case you cared (although most of you wouldn’t give "rat’s tukus" about this,) there is a link comparing the demographic comparisons between Knoxville and Birmingham here:

Knoxville’s advertising agencies (and related services– meaning those agencies and services which actually have a web site) are also listed.

By the way, I have only worked on this site for a few weeks for Knoxville… (it used to be a very popular media site in Birmingham where I lived most of my life [and worked in media.])

Please pass the site url address along to others you know who work in Knoxvegas media so I can get more input… (I am also getting some critical input from Al Gore since he did invent the internet.

Of course, I am getting input from people whom I work with, but I do need suggestions from those "outside of the building" to make this site valuable to the community.

This website thang is just a fun hobby to me (plus it keeps me up to date on local media happenings.) People think I spend a lot of time updating this site (but it’s only a few hours a week to be honest when it’s up and running. Now changing everyhing from one market to another is a short-term "pain in the ass.")

Because of the way the web designer, John Newsom designed it for me, it is "fool proof" to update (however, you will see typos and some grammatical problems on occasion. Nobody’s perfect you know?)

If you can type (which I can) and if you have ever bought anything off of the internet (which I have) then you can update this site really quick and easily (oh yeah, you do have to know how to ‘cut and paste’ and to insert some simple hyperlinks too… but even I easily learned how to do it. The bottom line is this: If you know how to figure out a cost-per-point, it is a piece of cake to update a website like this… trust moi.)

Also… I’m sorry if I missed finding your (or your company’s) website and not including it on the appropriate links (which are to the right of the page.) If I did miss the site you want me to list, please send me your web address and I’ll add it. (It was NOT a pre-meditated crime, I promise!)

Also send me any other interesting local Knoxville sites and I will put them under the "Other Local Sites That Matter" links.

Whether you work at an agency, in radio, newspaper, TV, outdoor, or cable… I would be interested in adding the right "links" that are relevant to Knoxville media and goings-ons here.

Send any links to me which are local and popular so I can add them. It would be very much appreciated.

I have a lot of links relevant to Knoxville already added, however, some may be outdated (and I have no doubt I have not listed all of them)… omission was not my intention… I’m just now learning more about the market!

You can e-mail me the links… by clicking the thingamajig below…:

Click Here To Send Email To Ben Mac

Again, I have deleted all information related to Birmingham and am now just inputting the information for Knoxville.

If you are a former Birmingham reader, the next time you receive an "e-mail alert" from me, there is a way you can ‘opt-out’… just do that if you don’t want to be hassled by me with e-mails about Knoxville.

Radio junkies also have a quick list of all radio industry trades, plus there is a long list under "More Media and Marketing Stuff".. which includes many links to publications that will interest media buyers and advertisers (Arbitron, Neilsen, Spots and Dots, and "stuff" like that.

"Other Local Links That Matter" include various local sites that you probably regularly surf… but I still need your help since I haven’t lived in Knoxville for a while (and I’m new here.)

Oh yeah, and then there’s "My Favorite Links". There’s some interesting stuff here. Some of you will be amused… and some of you will not. But those are my links regardless! I’m about to change those up a bit too.

Most importantly, you now have one spot on the web you can visit to get all the pertinent news about the constant changes and happenings in the Knoxville advertising community. You can find this information under "Latest Media News" at the bottom left of the homepage.

At the bottom of this page you’ll find a list of local events that you’ll be interested in, such as upcomingKnoxville Ad Fed meetings, media functions, and events like Sundown in the City. Of course, you’ll have a new "Quote of the Week" every week on the site. Some will be thought-provoking, and yet, some will be assinine. You will get a good variety.

And if you ever want to get back to the front page, click "Home" and then you’re back to the start page!

I can provide you with more pertinent information on a more timely basis… and as you know, it’s important to be "in the know"– but I need your help and input since I have been engrained in Birmingham before becoming the new manager of local sales here in Knoxville at WIVK.

Please continue to visit and give me your feedback. Sometimes, you will find the "Vocabulary Builders" section which relates less used words in a media context (as below)

Vocabulary Builders

blowhard (blo härd´) noun, Informal: A boaster or braggart.

"Besides the paperwork involved with political advertising, perhaps the worst part is having to hear self aggrandizing blowhards attacking one another on every radio and TV station in the market."

brandish (bràn dîsh) verb, transitive: To wave or flourish (a weapon, for example) menacingly.

"After placing the buy, the buyer was confronted by a red-faced radio rep,brandishing of all things, an Arbitrend report claiming that her station was indeed worthy of the business."

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