Knoxville Media: Who's listening overnite?

I’ve had callers from every type, fromthe guy spraying for mosquitos, to the folks havinga good time on a island on Cherokee lake at threein the morning; there’s always something differentgoing on late nite.

I had a call from a guy going down the highway, he wanted to propose to his girlfriend on the radio, nowthat’s nothing new in the world of radio, happens allthe time, but there was a twist to this one, you seehe was traveling down the road with his soon to bewife following right behind him. He asked her to marryhim,and if the answer was yes, he wanted her to flashher headlights at him, if it was no, just do nothing…SoI aired his request, then about 3 minutes later shecalled, and she said yes to his proposal. Then hecalled right after that and said she was still turningher headlights off and on. I hope there still doingwell, as I had a small part in their early start!

Believe it or not, I’ve gotten calls from folks whoare doing some time in our local jail systems, mosthave been nice, but there’s been a few that’s taughtme some very naughty words, which I won’t go into, butlets just say for whatever reason, they blame theperson on the other end of the phone, for all the badthings going on in their lives..

The great Terry Womack received thousands ofcalls during his 35+ years on ivk…but there’s onethat really stands out for me. There was this ladywho came to Terry’s funeral, and she spoke of a timewhen she had called him, years ago. At that time in herlife, she had some problems, even thought aboutkilling herself, but Terry talked her out of it and he listened to her, and convinced her to seek help. Now this lady had never seen Terry Womack, but she felt compelled to come to the funeral home and show her respect…The power of radio….isn’t it amazing!

Ben Mac Comment: Hoss is the overnight announcer on WIVK and wrote the above article. If you’re up late into the evenings, make sure you listen to "Hoss" at 107.7 FM. How many people are listening to radio overnight anyway?

According to the Fall 2006 Arbitron, over 147,000 Persons 12+ listen at least five minutes or more during a typical week (cume)in Knoxville… which is almost 23% of the entire population.

At any given time between 12 midnight and 6 AM, almost 17,000 (AQH) Persons 12+ are listening to radio in Knoxville.

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