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This particular year’s worth of data is garnered from October 2005 through September 2006. (The most recent information added was the April 06 – September 06 six month period.) We’ll soon have new information on June 28th.

Please note, that Scarborough is NOT a proprietary data base like Leigh Stowell or Marshall Marketing data. This means that anyone in the market can subscribe to Scarborough, where Leigh Stowell and Marshall Marketing data is an exclusive service to one media vendor in its markets. This, of course, gives Scarborough more credibility.

Scarborough has also received full Media Rating Council (MRC) Accreditation. neither Leigh Stowell or Marshall Marketing have this accreditation.

Click here to see services that are accredited by the MRC, and those services which are currently under review

The sample for the current report in the Knoxville Metro is 1,704 (18+ population = 578,820) and for the DMA it is 2,076 Adults 18+ (population = 991,998.) For the highlights of this survey… we’ll deal with only the Metro estimates.

Here’s some random facts about Knoxville Adults according to Scarborough:

30.2 % have attended a vocational/technical school

24.2 % shop Weigels most often when shopping convenience stores- more than any other convenience store

8.6 % have lived in their current home for less than a year

21.3 % have lived in their home for 20 years or more

4.3 % live in homes of a $500,000 value or more

4.7 % live in an apartment

41.7 % read the Knoxville News Sentinel "yesterday"

47.7 % did not read ANY daily newspaper "yesterday"

7.8 % plan to switch cellular services in the coming year

5.6 % had a cellular phone bill of $150 or more last month

28.6 % bought most of their groceries at Food City in the past week.

11.1 % spent $200 or more on groceries in the past week

10.3 % shopped at West Town Mall in the past week

10.3 % spent $1,000 or more on furniture in the past year

This information is helpful in determining which target you are trying to reach and to evaluate what type of promotions or cross-promotions to execute. Scarborough provides so much more than mere media rank reports.

Of course, there is much more information, available…Just let us know what kind of information that you need. Many individual automotive dealers, furniture stores, clothing stores and electronic stores are listed.

Also, we have some information that IS proprietary data. This information was garnered from our stations’ web sites. Be sure to ask about that as well. For more information, click the link below:

Brand The Brain

"How does Scarborough get that information?"is a question that is asked quite often, so I "stole" the downloadable (is that even a dang word?) methodology statement off of the Scarborough Website.

Here’s what it sez……:



A two-phase survey methodology is employed to collect data,resulting in a multi-step relationship with the respondent tailoredto maximize cooperation. Up to 14 attempts are made to reachthe designated respondent.

1. A TELEPHONE INTERVIEW, which measures radio, newspaper,Internet usage, cable/satellite TV usage and extended demographicinformation.

2. A CONSUMER SURVEY BOOKLET & SEVEN-DAY TELEVISIONDIARY are then mailed to the respondent who participated inthe telephone interview. The Consumer Survey Booklet is aself-administered questionnaire that captures consumer behaviorand lifestyles information. The Seven-Day Television Diarymeasures personal TV viewing for seven days in 30 minuteintervals.


Scarborough Research is in-field, interviewing and collecting data,44 weeks of the calendar year to even out any marketplace disruptionsand seasonality issues. Data release begins seven weeksfollowing the close of the 44 weeks of fieldwork. It is deliveredon disk twice a year with a 12-month rolling average database toensure a complete local, regional and national overview. Morethan 200,000 adults age 18+ are interviewed across theU.S., including 75 designated market areas (DMATMs).


1. Telephone interview (approximately 15 minutes)

2. Postcard is mailed if respondent refuses to participate explainingpurpose and providing toll-free number and website for moreinformation.

3. Survey Booklet & Television Diary are mailed w/cash incentive.4. Reminder phone call is made to follow-up on Survey Bookletand Television Diary.

5. Reminder postcard is sent to follow-up on Survey Booklet andTelevision Diary.

6. Second reminder call is made to respondents in the followingcategories:

• Males age 18–34

• Respondents with an annual household income of$75K+ (top 11 markets only)

• Black consumers (where applicable)

• Hispanic consumers (where applicable)

7. Starting 27 days after the initial mailing of materials, there arevarious additional contacts and re-mails with a promise ofadditional incentives. The precise nature and timing of theseare carefully tailored to obtain maximum cooperation from awide range of respondent groups.


Scarborough data is weighted and projected to adults 18+the DMATM. Balancing variables include: geography, agegender, household size, education, race and Hispanic ethnicity(where applicable).


Scarborough uses Differential Survey Treatments (DSTs)African-American/Black consumers and Hispanic consumersmarkets that have high density of these groups. Specialquestions and incentives are offered in DST markets.

————–end of methodology statement—————-

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