Management Tip: Bad Management and Leadership is the Biggest Threat to the American Economy

Greg Alston has some unexpected yet bold advice for America, "Our biggest problem and threat is not stupid tax policy or greedy rich people. It is plainly and simply bad bosses." Having spent four decades managing groups of all sizes and sometimes learning the hard way, Alston is acutely aware that it takes years for an individual to be ‘good’ at managing. With companies closing at an alarming place and bad management and leadership almost always being the cause, Alston has compiled his wisdom into an empowering new book that will help any new or inexperienced manager jump light-years ahead of their game.

‘The Ten Things New Managers Must Get Right From The Start’ is something of a battle-plan against the nation’s inept bosses; exposing their biggest mistakes, sharing seven neurotic blocks to avoid and finally ten sound pieces of advice for garnering the respect of one’s team and taking any company (and that bosses livelihood!) to new prosperity.

Get a Jumpstart on being a good manager this weekend!

Don’t ruin the chance to be a great boss by making the same stupid mistakes that most new managers make.

No matter how confident a new manager is in his/her ability there is always that defining moment that occurs in the transition from the excitement of getting promoted in to the stomach churning fear that he or she might blow the opportunity. Until someone has been a boss for a long time there is no way they can be really good at it. The problem is the world won’t wait for someone to learn on the job they need to be ready to earn the respect of their team from day one.

This book is designed to impart the wisdom of 40 years of real world management experience packed in to a short powerful book that can be read in one weekend. It explains the common mistakes that most new managers make so newbies won’t fall in to the same traps. It explains the underlying motivations that prevent managers from being successful because they are trying to hard to be nice or too hard to be tough. It explains how "the New sheriff" strategy can destroy a boss’s ability to create a high functioning team. And it helps teach the correct mindset a new manager needs to be the kind of boss that everyone will want to work for.

Learn to avoid the stupid mistakes that most new managers make. Trying to be too nice, Trying to be tough, Trying to be the one with all the answers, Trying to treat everyone the same, Trying to impress, Trying to act like somebody you are not, failing to reward good behavior and acting like a BossHole are some of the critical mistakes a new manager can learn to avoid by reading this book.

Dr. Greg L. Alston is an Author, Educator, Pharmacist and Entrepreneur who has a long history of success in the drug store industry. Currently a professor at Wingate University School of Pharmacy he routinely consults with clients large and small. His first release last year, The BossHole Effect, has been on the best seller lists at Amazon since September 2013.