Ten Ways Employers Drive Talent Away

People write these words and they don’t realize that they don’t mean them. They don’t live by the words they wrote!

The lofty statements about talent aren’t true for the people who work in their offices and factories. Actions speak louder than words.

You can’t say “We value our employees” when you also have policies in place that treat your employees like little children. You can’t say “Employees are our greatest asset” when you treat job-seekers like criminals at every step of the recruitment process!

It’s time for employers to get their heads out of the sand and realize that if they don’t take care of their employees, their employees can go and work for their competitors. They can start their own companies and compete with the hand that swatted them for all those years.

Great HR and leadership teams spotted the passion-performance connection a long time ago. Sadly there are still thousands of organizations living in a dream world.

Here are ten ways that out-of-it employers drive their best talent away, or keep awesome people from ever applying for jobs with them in the first place.

They Policy Their Employees To Death

If your employee handbook or policy manual is more than 25 pages long, no one is reading it. Bad HR departments churn out new policies all the time for no one to read and no one to follow.

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