Radio Works for Major Auto Aftermarket Retailer, Delivering $21 of Sales for Every $1 Spent on Advertising

Advertisers often ask if radio can prove its ROI and sales lift. The answer is YES. Radio works.

Over the last several years, Nielsen has conducted over 20 different studies showing radio’s stunning return on investment across many different categories.

Today we release the results of a brand new Nielsen ROI study, commissioned by Westwood One, demonstrating the massive return radio delivers for an auto aftermarket retailer.

An auto aftermarket retailer wanted to assess the sales impact of its radio investment. Nielsen matched the Portable People Meter panel with credit and debit card spending data in order to compare purchases of those exposed to the radio campaign with consumers who were not exposed.

Nielsen examined the three-month national radio campaign, which ran from March to June 2016. Nielsen evaluated the impact of the entire radio campaign, not just ads airing on Cumulus or Westwood One-affiliated stations. Here’s what Nielsen found:

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