The new Scarborough Consumer Data for Knoxville is now available!

The Scripps radio group subscribes to a huge consumer data base of Knoxville consumers from Scarborough Research which releases twice a year. The most recent survey was just released and it’s now available to you to peruse and use!

Scarborough is accredited by the Media Ratings Council (MRC) and is syndicated, not proprietary research.

Local businesses, local venues, and “plan to purchase” information are available. This research can be used to test which promotions are appropriate and which type of media are the best for your business.

In most cases, we can also give you a competitive analysis of the Knoxville market for your business category.

For the most recent information on the Knoxville market for your business or business category, contact your Scripps representative.

Your Scripps representative is well-versed and trained with this research to help you! Plus we have other marketing information that can benefit you!