As one alt-weekly finds a new owner, the Knoxville Mercury says goodbye to readers

Even a human fossil must concede that the smartphone trumps the alt-weekly as a boredom killer,’ wrote one observer regarding what was behind the death of so many local alt-weeklies

The same day that the East Bay Express was acquired by a local magazine publisher, Knoxville Mercury said goodbye to its readers, closing after a less than three year run. The news of another alt-weekly closing is always sad, but the trends have not looked good for the category for a while now.

“We knew going into this adventure that we were swimming against the tide,” said publisher Charlie Vogel.
Just a month ago, Vogel had told local CBS affiliate WVLT “we have special things that we do.” He was still thinking forward. “You’ll read pieces that will set you back. Give you a little jolt, both in the wording, the language and even the subjects,” said Vogel.
But Vogel knew it would be a struggle to keep the paper going.
“We had great people, some working capital, and an award-winning product—but we misread the market,” Vogel said a little over a month later.

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