Radio host Jon Reed explains his growth on Twitter, expectations for the Vols

“He’s the boss, he’s going to do what he wants.”
“It can go nowhere but up.”
“It’s a blown call, it’s a missed call and they can’t review it!”

That’s just a sample of what you’ll hear on Fox Sports Knoxville’s newest show – Talk Sports.

Hosts Jon Reed and Boomer Dangel cover a mix of sports, news and pop culture. For Reed, this dream job in radio wasn’t always a sure thing.

“So when I left radio went back home, went to the ranch my dad got injured. A cow broke 6 of his ribs I still had the itch of wanting to stay relevant, so I combined that with a love of professional wrestling,” Reed said.

And he did it through video — tweets that got thousands of shares and grew his following online while sharing his love for the Vols and drawing inspiration from pro-wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

“The first four or five people were like what the heck is this,” Reed said.

From there, the shares and online following grew.

“My dad told me to put my shirt back on once, that’s about it. Taking the shirt off at first was tough, but it pops the videos wouldn’t be the same if I had my shirt on,” Reed said.

He believes the Tennessee fan base is divided.

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