INSIDE RADIO ARTICLE: Share of Ear’ Again Shows AM/FM Gets Biggest Share.

Edison Media quantifies just how Americans consume audio. And taking cues from Edison’s new Q2 2017 update, a new Westwood One blog vaults off of AM/FM’s continued place as the centerpiece of audio.  

The blog, titled “Everybody’s Listening,” begins with AM/FM radio once again being the nation’s leading audio provider, accounting for 51% of all audio time spent 18-plus. AM/FM radio shares are 10 times larger than ad-supported Pandora and 25 times bigger than ad-supported Spotify. As well, AM/FM radio accounts for a staggering 70% of time spent in the car.

Looking at Edison’s figures, radio is followed—and it’s not even close—by owned music at 12%, when analyzing the share of time with audio. Next are YouTube music videos (8%), ad-free SiriusXM Radio (5%), ad-supported Pandora (5%), TV music channels (5%), other streaming audio (4%) and podcasts (3%).

Westwood One notes that Americans’ time spent with Pandora is declining. In Q2 2017, those 18-plus spent 11% less time with Pandora vs. Q2 2016. Meanwhile, “AM/FM radio has maintained its strong share of audio time spent among Americans, proving to be a stable and consistent ad media platform,” the network says.

It’s interesting to note in the Edison research that streaming appears to be growing at the expense of owned music, not AM/FM radio. “Consumers are moving from buying their audio to renting it,” Westwood One points out. The study reveals the shifts from Q2 2015 to now: Then, 46% of audio share went to streaming and 54% to owned music. In 2017, 51% goes to streaming and 49% to owned music.

Another look at Pandora shows the interesting factoid that only 5% of the U.S. accounts for 72% of Pandora’s listening. Westwood One points out that when advertising on Pandora, “advertisers are only hitting a small number of potential consumers. If reach is the goal, add AM/FM radio to the media plan.”