Connected TV Viewers OK With Advertising: Study

As viewing of streamed content on connected TVs grows, a new study has found that viewers accept advertising and advertisers are seeing a better response to their commercials.

The study by Telaria (formerly Tremor Media) looked at five countries, including the U.S., and found that nearly 60% of respondents now think of viewing streamed content on a connected set as “watching TV.”

By comparison, about 30% of the respondent to the study considered watching on a smartphone as “watching TV.” 

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Streaming on connected TVs is most popular with millennials. In the U.S. millennials are 67% more likely to be in connected TV-only households, with 25% reporting that they don’t have pay-TV.

Half of the respondents said they felt that watching ads is a fair value exchange for low-cost content. Moreover, ads on connected TV were “less annoying” than those on linear TV, according to the respondents.


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