Knoxville Media: Benches for Bravery

If you’ve been to the East Tennessee Veterans Cemetery on Governor John Sevier Pike over the past few years you may have noticed there are few places to sit town. For some time one long bench was located near the ceremonial building but none in or around the grounds. 

That fact came home to one woman a couple years ago and she decided to raise money and buy four benches. Those benches were dedicated in ceremonies Friday.

Jane Cade Young, wife of the late radio personality “Your Dave Young” of WIMZ, learned that finding benches and placing them would be a drawn out process. Dave Young was a Vietnam veteran and well known to lots of people in the area including Congressman John Duncan, Jr.

So Jane Young got busy. She’s WIMZ’s Marketing Consultant and the station pitched in with a fundraising promotion. The listeners responded and so did Dunlap RV, Garza Law Firm, and the East Tennessee Veterans Memorial Association.

She found a manufacturer who could build the benches and make them similar to the lone “Boy Scout” bench already there. Her “Benches for Bravery” campaign was coming along but still she didn’t have permission to place the seats.

Read the full story in The Knoxville Focus

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