Media Post: Fox To Air 6-Second, In-Game NFL Spots On Thanksgiving

Fox is amping up its efforts around six-second commercials, airing nine six-second commercials — during live football action — in an upcoming NFL Thanksgiving game.

Fox did not disclose the TV advertisers that are buying those spots for the Minnesota Vikings vs. Detroit Lions game airing November 23.  

Unlike regular NFL TV commercials that air in natural breaks in the football action — and some previous six-second commercials this season — the ads will be aired during the playing of the game. They will appear in a double-box format allowing viewers to follow the action while the six-second ads run. Fox has also run six-second ads in the World Series.

The network says the nine six-second NFL ads will replace one standard commercial break, which typically runs for two minutes and 20 seconds. Fox and the NFL will then evaluate the new advertising unit in an effort “to improve the live game viewing experience for fans both in the stadium and at home.”

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