A Personal Note from Ben Mac

My beloved Maine Coon Cat, The Dandy Lion passed away suddenly on Saturday morning, January 30 and I have been devastated.  That’s why I haven’t updated the site until today.

I rarely post personal woes like this but I thought many of you would want to know because I always get questions about him from people that have been amused by his antics- whether they saw him in person or through Facebook or Instagram.

He had a lot of “fans” it seems. I’ve literally been crying for days. He was my alter-ego. His goofy personality literally made me laugh and smile several times a day, EVERY day. (I’m being very literal when I say this.) He went everywhere I went – he followed me everywhere. If I went outside he would cry for me through the door or window while he watched what I was doing outside. I always had a warm greeting from him when I came home. I would see him in the window when I pulled up in the driveway and it always made me smile. He would pull my hair in the mornings sometime when he wanted his food. He would even get between the shower curtain and the shower liner EVERY time I took a shower. Then he would hang around in the bedroom while I was getting dressed, usually on top of the tall dresser so we were face to face. His personality was unmatched.

When service people would come to the house to do work they would always remark about how big of a cat he was. He had an even bigger personality. He would “inspect” any and everything new that I brought into the house. He was only ten years old. He was everything to me. I’ve suffered losses like this before and they all hurt. This one hurts more than any other. If you know my personal situation you know why this is exceptionally painful to me. It was very sudden and unexpected and the cause of his death is uncertain. This is all I can say about it because I’m still torn up right now. Here is a photo of him (in the middle) and I’m really still emotionally beat up over this loss. 



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