Super Bowl 2018 commercials: The five best and worst ads from Sunday's game

If you watch the Super Bowl mainly for the new commercials, you’re in the right place.

While football fans had a thrilling (and somewhat maddening) game to enjoy on Sunday night, those who were more interested in the big game ads also had a lot to talk about.

By virtue of being one of the single biggest sporting events each year, the Super Bowl has massive viewership — which also makes it one of the top marketing opportunities for different brands. Advertising during the game has become something of a competition in itself, as companies often use whatever resources they have at their disposal to make a splash. They’ll often get the help of celebrities or use other strategies to get people talking about their brand.    

For Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, a 30-second TV commercial cost, on average, more than $5 million. You read that right: Five million dollars.

Of course, just like there’s always a winner and loser on the field, there’s also typically winners and losers off of it. Not every marketing department strikes it rich with their ambitious Super Bowl ads, and sometimes bold approaches can backfire tremendously. It’s a gamble.

So, which brands came away as winners and losers on Sunday night? Let’s take a look at a handful of the best and worst ads to air nationally.

(Note: Although a number of exciting and buzzworthy film trailers debuted during the game, we elected to classify commercials and trailers as two different types of advertising, so you won’t find those movie previews on the winners & losers lists. Sorry to all the Star Wars nerds, Marvel fans & Jurassic Park crazies.)

see the winners and losers here

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