Did you know the University of Tennessee is more than just Knoxville? $300K marketing campaign aims for awareness

The University of Tennessee this week launched its first system-wide marketing campaign in 12 years to raise awareness about the work of campuses across the state.

The campaign budget is currently $300,000, comprised of private fundraising and investment income. A first phase costing $220,000 will run through May and additional phases are planned for fall 2018 and January 2019. Additional fundraising is also underway.

“It’s trying to find ways we can talk about things we’re doing in every community throughout the state that people don’t realize,” said Tiffany Carpenter, associate vice president for communications and marketing for the UT System. “A lot of times when you hear UT, you think of a college campus.

“You don’t think of your local law enforcement officer who just underwent active shooter training through the Institute for Public Service or how your farmer down the street has people from the Institute of Agriculture help with their water quality so their dairy cattle have better water.

“There are things going on across the state every day that people don’t realize are created or touched by the University of Tennessee.”

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