Radio Ink: All Fired Up Field Fires Back.

Now as the owner of radio’s largest radio company not in bankruptcy, Entercom CEO David Field is once again speaking out to defend the entire industry. This is not something new for Field. He’s been one of radio’s biggest, loudest cheerleaders for years. With the CBS radio deal in the books, he has a bigger platform to state his case and he’s taking full advantage of that. In addition, Entercom is the only company that has spent serious money advertising and promoting the power of radio in national publications that the big brands read.


Field’s latest memo to employees praised the fact that iHeart and Cumulus are making serious moves to clear up their balance sheets. These are big debt loads that current management did not create, they inherited. He also calls out many of the national print publications, that reported on the two chapter 11 filings, for slamming the entire radio industry while reporting on the recent iHeart filing. And, we found several examples of what he’s referring to:

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