Gallup: Why Managers Must Ask 5 Questions to Empower Employees

It’s likely that you can easily recite your team members’ roles and responsibilities — what they do.

But do you clearly understand, and can you explain, why they perform well in their roles?

The most effective managers Gallup has studied share the ability — regardless of industry or organization type — to understand and describe in detail each team member’s unique talents — the why.

These managers adopt a strengths-based approach to leading their employees. They use the CliftonStrengths assessment to better understand what motivates their people; how each person naturally thinks, feels and behaves; and how they build relationships within their own team and across other teams.   

Essentially, the best managers shape and constantly review employees’ roles to ensure that they’re using their strengths every day.
This approach is great for business.

Gallup analytics prove teams and organizations that take a strengths-based approach to development and culture outperform those that don’t in key performance outcomes such as profit, customer and employee engagement, and turnover.

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