Knoxville business owner still waiting for refund from advertising company

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A young business owner is wondering when she’ll receive a refund from a unique advertising company. The New York-based business says it helps do everything from press releases, social media campaigns to radio podcasts. The company’s contract says if you cancel your order, you’ll get your money back.

The company is called All Business Media FM. Their website says they help businesses and professionals build their media presence. When a young Knoxville business owner received a call from them last month, she was intrigued by their offer. 

Casandra Henley is a trained wellness coach. In her business, called Enter Peace, she helps those struggling with anxiety or depression learn how to relax. She received an unsolicited call last month.

“So, All Business Media FM contacted me, their marketing company, said they were doing a wellness segment,” said Henley.

Henley said she was offered and agreed to a free eight minute session to determine if she was the right fit.

“I did that interview then I received that phone call about 10 to 15 minutes later, was told, ‘Oh, you scored off the charts. You are going to be great. We’d like to have you as a regular. You can get sponsors,'” she said.

Henley said she was encouraged to sign up for the company’s radio podcasts and other promotional opportunities.

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