Bad Management Behaviors

We all need to gripe about our boss now and then. And managers, you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think you are the subject of your employee’s dinner time conversation once in a while. It comes with the job. Most managers are decent, hardworking human beings with the best of intentions. 

But no manager is perfect, and sometimes stress brings out the worst of behaviors. Here is a list of things that managers do to annoy their employees. Managers, do an honest self-assessment – or better yet, get some candid feedback – and if you are doing any of these things, make a resolution to STOP doing it.

Not being responsive to questions or requests. When an employee asks a question or makes a request, don’t ignore it until they have to ask again. Be responsive – yes, no, maybe, or let them know when you will have an answer for them.

Forgetting what you have asked them to do. Yes, we all forget now and then, I know I sure do. When you do, it tells your employee what you asked them to do may not really be that important.

Assigning the same task to different employees. This could happen due to forgetfulness, or it could be setting employees up intentionally to compete. Both are annoying.

Not setting an example (do as I say, not as I do). Leaders need to be role models, not hypocrites.

Taking special privileges. For example, flying first or business class and having your team fly coach. There is a great leadership tradition in the military – officers eat last. It’s a good standard for corporate managers to keep in mind.

Coasting. Some managers get complacent, even lazy, yet expect their employees to pick up the slack. If you are going to retire, don’t do it on the job.

Not pitching in in a crisis. All hands on deck means ALL hands, including the manager. While it’s true that managers should not be doing the work of their employees on a regular basis, the crew will sure appreciate when a manager pitches in and gets their hands dirty when needed.

Overpromising and under delivering. This is another symptom of the Type A visionary manager who comes up with lots of big ideas but rarely follows through with any of them. After a while, they lose credibility and trust.

Not listening/multitasking. Employees know when a manager isn’t paying attention, and it’s more than annoying, it’s disrespectful.

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