94.3 JACK-FM Returns to Knoxville “Playing What We Want”

94.3 WNFZ Changes Format and Re-Introduces a Unique Kind of Radio to Knoxville

Knoxville, TN – JACK-FM has returned to the Knoxville radio market, re-introducing a new kind of radio. The change-over is effective at 5:00pm on Thursday, March 21st.

“We’re excited to introduce a totally different radio station to East Tennessee,” said Randy Chambers, JACK-FM’s Brand Manager. “The radio market and advertiser needs continue to evolve and we’re evolving with those needs. JACK-FM is a music-driven, innovative and energetic format that is designed for an adult audience and built around the promises of variety, low repetition, fewer commercials and less clutter.” 

94.3 JACK-FM will operate without disc jockeys, but will deliver plenty of personality, fun, exciting promotions and events. 94.3 JACKFM is a unique brand of radio that is locally programmed with music that is hand-picked to appeal to the tastes of East Tennessee radio listeners. JACK-FM merges thousands of hit songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00’s and today with a bit of attitude with a fun format that blends different styles of music in unexpected ways. JACKFM’s playlist will be four times larger than the typical East Tennessee station. This innovative format was first introduced in Canada in 2002 and since then has taken off in many U.S. markets, including Nashville’s highly successful WCJK 96.3 JACK-FM which is owned and operated by Midwest Communications, Inc. “94.3 JACK-FM is a response to the ‘I want it all world’ in which people can enjoy Aerosmith, Prince, Green Day, Maroon 5 and the Rolling Stones all on the same station,” said Chambers.

“Hey, we love all that music too so we decided we’re just going to play it all!” 94.3 JACK-FM is currently operating under an LMA, awaiting FCC approval, upon which Midwest Communications will take ownership. 94.3 JACK-FM will be privately owned by Duke Wright’s Midwest Communications, which also owns and operates Knoxville radio stations B97.5, 103.5 WIMZ and 95.7 DUKE FM. # # # For additional information:

Randy Chambers, (865) 329-8700 or randy.chambers@mwcradio.com

  1. I hate this new format! I loved hearing the morning show! There is a reason people tuned into the alternative rock show! Now it’s all the same other top 40 garbage! Really bummed!

    1. Yah this new station is total trash. I mean, I was like wth am I listening to. I’m sorry but this station has to go. Jack-off fm

  2. Bring back 94 Z as we knew it, the only quality radio station in Knoxville. This new format is terrible.

  3. This is the reason no one listens to the radio anymore. I am 44 years old and the alternative music that was played on this station was wonderful because it opened my eyes to all new music that I love now I’m stuck with a stupid old boring music that’s played on every other radio station so vanilla I’m really going to miss that morning show I will forever ban all of these radio stations from my listening and I will make sure anybody else I run across the so as well too bad you get something nice and new and unique and you destroy it

  4. Hate the new format. 94.3 was my default station of choice but I removed it from my presets tonight. If I wanted to hear the songs that were playing tonight, I’d have just tuned over to WIMZ.

  5. It’s ok but just like the 94.3x and 94.3z you get something good they change it

  6. There is a man named Bob . He is a special needs guy . Has always been a radio disc jockey and radio station
    fanatic . I was wondering if you have a t shirt that we could purchase for him since he just called me again and ask for your radio station by name again . He has always pretended to be a radio announcer and plays your music 24 hours a day .
    It would great to get him one for his birthday coming up on April
    17 th .. If you can help that would be wonderful . Thank you

  7. I agree. So frustrating. This format will be lost in the noise and likely fail quickly. I know I won’t be listening. Bring back 94Z

  8. It’s not a terrible format, but will take some getting used to. More than anything, it’s the unexpectedness of the situation.

  9. Agreed! Same garbage “hits” I’ve heard for years. Kept hoping it was some kind of early April fools’s prank and the ‘Morning After’ guys would come back on but instead just got more and more disappointed every time I switched the station back only to hear these generic “hit” songs. 🙁

  10. Absolutely horrible. I was so excited a few years back when we finally got Alternative Radio back
    after being without for a long time. Now back to the same pop crap with classic rock mixed in.

  11. Lost our rock again.. this station will fail and we need our rock not another B97.5.
    I want my rock back!! Thank you

  12. This is complete crap. The original 94.3 was unique by providing music not found anywhere else on the dial and now this garbage just blends in with the rest of the spectrum. Congratulations on making yourself plain and boring just like the rest of terrestrial radio.

  13. Great another Jack station. This isn’t new. This is just another 95.7 and other stations like it. 94.3 was original with adults of all ages and teens tuning in. It was in sync with the music sceen developing in Knoxville. The events and bands they brought in are what’s cool. 94.3 gets Knoxville. This is a huge dissappointment and i think a hit to local musicians as well.

  14. I was stunned at the new format. One minute listening to great alternative rock, the next I was listening to the same garbage that is played on every other station in Knoxville. 94 Z was a great station and the local music scene had some fantastic concerts because of it. Wonder how this is going to impact that?

  15. So unfortunate, not what I want to listen to. I will greatly miss the old format especially the morning show.

  16. I loved 94z and miss it! They had the best morning show. JackFM just annoyed me. The prerecorded voice is irritating and is kind of a jerk. The music, while it has variety, plays the same tracks over and over. I do hope the Morning after show finds a new home and I also hope that JackFM kind of falls off the radio.

  17. Bring back 94z. It was much more interesting. Now I have to find a new preset for radio.

  18. The old 94.3 was the only decent music on the radio (with the exception of occasionally the college station). Glad I have Pandora, cause this new station is complete crap. We really don’t need more “classic rock” stations in this town.

    1. Wow, your name’s Meg and you posted this comment (which reflects my own opinion of this new format very closely) on my birthday… Nice to meet you, Meg! LOL

  19. Randy Chambers is incorrect. Anyone who’s familiar with Knoxville radio history knows that the Jack FM format isn’t entirely new to this area. The format was previously on two radio stations in the area. From 2005 to 2012, the format resided on 106.7 (formally WQJK) and on 95.7 (formally WRJK), before 106.7 was sold to Billy Graham Ministries radio division. Back then, I’d listen to 95.7 if I was in the south part of town and switch over to 106.7 if I was in the north part of town. I actually liked the format because the guy they use for the voice imaging, Howard Cogan out of Canada, can be rather sarcastic in his one liners in between songs or ads. Some of Howard’s one liners have ticked off some of the rather conservative political base in this town. When Jack left the airwaves in 2012, I’d surf over to their website at jack dot fm instead and listen to what was their commercial free stream which they’ve since taken down. Whilst glad the format is back in the area, I do sympathize with those who’ve lost their alternative format because I do like songs in that format also. Guess they’ll have to rely on UT’s station 90.3 WUTK for the time being or just stream an out of market station on their smartphone, tablet, or computer instead. That’s one thing that has changed between then and now. Now, you can just download a radio app from your smartphone’s app store and stream all you want over a wi-fi connection. I don’t recommend using your phone’s data, but with some phone plans now having unlimited data, a lot of people I know are going to that method. One particular alternative formatted station that I stream is Radio X out of London, UK. They play a lot of alternative during the afternoons and evenings, but I typically avoid streaming them on the overnights since London is five hours ahead of us, meaning that they’re doing their morning talk shows during that time.

  20. Welcome back Jack I’m not a judgemental hater like these other commenters so if they want to hear the morning show they all can chip in a buy them a station to hear it on. Own it people. Lol

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