After 45 Years, A Knoxville FM Heads To New Owner

BOCA RATON, FLA. — In late March 2018, a Eastern Tennessee radio veteran who acquired a Class A FM in 1974 acquired an AM in what’s colloquially known to some as “Scruffy City” from Kirkland Wireless Broadcasters.

Six months later, this broadcaster sold the AM. Now, it is selling the FM after 45 years of ownership.

According to a broker note from Boca Raton-based broker Michael J. Bergner of Bergner & Co., Oak Ridge FM Inc. has sold WNFZ-FM 94.3 in Powell, Tenn., and serving the Knoxville market.

Oak Ridge is led by John Pirkle.

Who’s the buyer? Duke Wright-led Midwest Communications is grabbing the Alternative station branded as “94Z.”
The price Midwest is paying is expected to be revealed in a Form 314 filing with the FCC on Friday or next week.
WNFZ is a Class A with 2,950 watts, and has a signal that covers the entire Knoxville metropolitan area.

Oak Ridge is not a subscriber to Nielsen Audio ratings. Thus, ratings information is not publicly known for 94Z.

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