A Personal Request from Ben Mac to keep a dangerous criminal incarcerated.

Hi there!

I hate to be a pest and do this again, but I will because this is important to me and others for safety reasons.  I’ll try not to be overboard in asking for your help again. All letters that have been sent in the past stay in the file, but from talking to someone at the Victim’s Unit, they said new ones would definitely carry more weight with the board.

For those who expressed interest in helping me keep the guy that shot me years ago incarcerated, I wanted to provide you the information to write a letter to the Alabama Department of Corrections and Parole.

For those that aren’t familiar with my situation, below is a newspaper article from The Birmingham News a day after the incident occurred and an article from Birmingham Magazine a few years ago (just enlarge the images or e-mail me for a more readable version) :

Here’s the one from Birmingham Magazine:

Here are the details on how to contact those who will make decisions on this guy’s sentence. I have made 6 trips to Montgomery to keep him incarcerated and thanks to many of you, he’s still serving his sentence, and unable to do violence to others!


AIS: 00200884


Case No.                   Sentenced        Offense                                              Term    Type      Commit             County
CC1995-002319     10/05/1998      ATTEMPTED KIDNAPPING I      27Y 0M 0D      Concurrent        JEFFERSON
CC1995-002131     10/05/1998       ATTEMPTED MURDER                27Y 0M 0D      Consecutive       JEFFERSON
*CC1998-002320  10/05/1998      RECV STOLEN PROPERTY II      10Y 0M 0D      Concurrent        JEFFERSON
CC1995-002132     10/05/1998      ROBBERY I                                       27Y 0M 0D      Concurrent        JEFFERSON

Alabama Department of Corrections
301 South Ripley Street
P.O. Box 301501
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-1501

Make sure you include his AIS (Alabama Institutional Serial) number in your letter.

I have many, many past letters that have been sent in my behalf, so if you don’t want to re-invent the wheel, e-mail me at j-jackflash@msn.com and I’ll send you a few so you can cut and paste and edit to make things easier!

I appreciate your help. Over the years, my many friends have been so helpful!

Lastly, This isn’t a vengeful thing on my part, I just know how dangerous this guy is, and he should NOT be out on the streets anytime soon. For the record, I’m even against the death penalty, but as a citizen, I owe it to each of you and others to do what I can to keep a violent criminal off of the streets.