The Power Of Audio

According to Nielsen’s Total Audience Report, in third quarter 2018 AM/FM radio reached 92% of adults 18+ each week. In spite of other audio choices, the reach of AM/FM radio has remained consistent. By comparison, in the past year, the weekly reach of live/time shifted television dropped from 88% to 86%. The disparity in weekly reach among adults 18-34, a popular advertising target, is even greater. AM/FM radio reaches 91% of the age group, compared to 73% for live/time shifted television. AM/FM radio also has a broader reach than all online search sites, social media and e-commerce websites.

While television has fragmented into various video platforms with millions of “cord cutters,” radio has also been facing competition for listeners. Nowadays, there are streaming audio providers such as Pandora and Spotify, SiriusXM satellite radio, smart speakers, music channels on YouTube and podcasts.

Nonetheless,  a recent Pew Study says radio ranks second to television as a primary source for local news. Despite YouTube and streaming audio providers Pandora and Spotify, broadcast radio remains a popular source among teens and young adults for discovering new music. Read more below: