Ex-meteorologist sues WVLT Channel 8, claims noncompete contract had expired

Former WVLT-TV Channel 8 Chief Meteorologist David Aldrich is suing the news station, seeking to free himself from a noncompete clause in his contract that he claims has kept him from finding work since the company fired him in April.

The lawsuit claims Aldrich’s then boss, Tony Bernhardt, coerced him in 2017 into signing the contract within 24 hours — before he could consult with an agent — by threatening to replace him with Bernhardt’s girlfriend, who was a WVLT-TV employee at the time.
The complaint also states Aldrich’s firing came after he disagreed with Bernhardt’s replacement, Marybeth Jacoby, who encouraged members of the weather team to include segments on climate change in their broadcasts.

“Mr. Aldrich felt it best to avoid any topics that could be viewed as political during his broadcasts for local weather,” the complaint reads.

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