Note from Ben Mac:  This article hits the nail on the head.  With radio stations not only ruining themselves by running too many commercials (30’s are killing the industry!) and not providing a professional copywriter to write locally produced commercials, radio ads sound horrible in most cases.  When salespeople are relegated to writing radio commercials, it dumbs down everything.   I thought you’d appreciate this article below.  Im sure you’ve heard a lot of these trite phrases. 


Clichés are the stereotypes of the advertising world. They’re so common because they’re easy to write.

The thing is, a cliché doesn’t mean anything to anybody. Try replacing your business name with the name of your competitor. Does the commercial still make sense? It likely does, which means you have a weak message.

Here are seven of the most common advertising clichés. Along with each cliché, I’ve included reasons why you should avoid using these at all costs.

1.) FOR ALL YOUR ________NEEDS

I’ve heard every permutation of this one. For all your automotive needs. For all your home remodeling needs. For all your insurance needs. For all your health care needs.

The reason this cliché is so bad is because it’s so vague! Any business could use it and it would sound just fine. That makes for a bad radio ad.


You may just have a friendly and knowledgeable staff, but so does everyone else. That’s what your employees are supposed to do – be friendly and knowledgeable. This isn’t a way to differentiate yourself from your competition.


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