Morgan Wallen's radio ban seems to crack as a hometown Knoxville station plays his music... after he was banned from most radio for using the N-word

  • Morgan Wallen, 27, was back on the air at WMYL-FM in Knoxville after the station posted a Facebook survey about his return, according to Radio Ink
  • The country music star was banned in February after he was spotted drunkenly shouting the N-word outside his home
  • After the outburst was reported, multiple radio chains announced an indefinite ban on his music, and streaming services have kept him off playlists
  • Spotify has already relented and put his songs back on playlists
  • Wallen’s LP Dangerous: The Double Album has been at the top of the Billboard 200 album chart for seven consecutive weeks following his racism controversy¬†
  • He courted controversy in October when he was kicked off an SNL broadcast for breaking coronavirus safety protocols, only to be invited back in December¬†

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