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A Little About Me

I grew up in Bessemer, Alabama and graduated from Vestavia Hills High School in the Birmingham, Alabama area.  After high school, I attended The University of Tennessee in Knoxville, however that was short-lived because I couldn’t afford to keep going out of state because of the higher out-of-state tuition.  I then attended The University of  Alabama in Birmingham and eventually had to go to The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa to get my broadcasting degree (it was the only college in the state that had an accredited broadcasting program.)

I knew when I was 8 years old I wanted to work in the radio industry.  I used to listen to Notre Dame Football on The Mutual Broadcasting Network on WCRT AM 1260 in Birmingham (yes Notre Dame had a national radio network contract back then, like they have NBC TV contract now).  I could visualize the plays and heard the all the sounds of the game and I was fascinated with radio!

I used to call the few local “talk” programs that were on the Birmingham radio when I was a kid and express my opinions on sports and politics too.  My mom would say “Ben, I wish you’d quit calling those dang talk shows.  Everybody recognizes your voice and I don’t want them to know how you think.”

When I was in my teens I listened to distant radio stations all the time.  I listened to ABA Basketball games on WOAI in San Antonio (Spurs),  WHBQ in Memphis (Pros, Tams and Sounds), KMOX in St. Louis (Spirits) and WHAS in Louisville (Colonels).   I loved the ABA and still have my “official” ABA red white and blue basketball!

I’ve been lucky to work in the radio industry since college and fortunately I have been able to choose who I worked for after I got my first management job at the age of 25.

People are surprised when they find out I have actually been shot. I was the victim of a carjacking attempt in 1994 and almost lost my life when I was shot in the thigh (and the bullet severed my femoral artery).  I’m very fortunate to be alive and every day since that incident is a blessing to me!

In 2004 I went through a divorce and decided I needed a new environment  and change in scenery so I moved to Knoxville and have enjoyed living here ever since.

I enjoy working in the yard, watching pre-code films/movies (look it up… I didn’t know what they were either until a few years ago!) and college football and basketball.

I’ve been a Vols fan since the mid 70’s (I’m one of the fans that thought that firing Fulmer would be a disaster, and it has been.)  I have always been somewhat of an Auburn and Notre Dame fan and fondly remember going to the Auburn – Tennessee games when they were played in Birmingham.

I have three feline roommates:  Ozone Baby, Orange Julius (both pure-bred Maine Coons) and Go-Go Girl (a short haired tabby).

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