Unsolicited Quotes About Me

These Folks Said Nice Things About Me


“I won’t ask for your business unless I think I can improve it. I promise!”


“While working with Ben during his time at Citadel, I learned there are still people who truly care for the craft and have a desire to learn more within their field. Another admirable quality is his ability to share his knowledge with others – I was always amazed to hear he teaches classes when he wasn’t working behind the desk. He is showing future generations how it should be done! And I must add, he is quite the wordsmith as well. All around, great person!”
Linkedin recommendation from Katharine, Torbett, Promotions Director – 107.7 WIVK, 4/10/2012.


“Ben was the best manager I have ever had. He had a great impact on my professional and personal development. He quickly became a mentor and friend and I have the upmost respect for him as a person and professional. Ben is also the best at team development; I have never seen another person have the ability to bring a diverse group of people together like he does. His training and teaching talents are excellent as well.”
Linkedin recommendation from Steve Graham, 7/16/2010.


“Ben is well-liked and respected by members of his sales staff, and from my perspective, by clients as well. He’s a great idea person, good for discussing how to make his station work better for my clients.”
Linkedin recommendation from Mark Meredith, Owner, MBCreative, Inc., 1/6/2009.


“Thank you so much for coming all the way to Mobile to talk to our chapter of the American Advertising Federation. Your program about Staying Close To Your Customers was a thorough, insightful and well delivered presentation. There were valuable lessons to be learned by all the varied practitioners in the advertising industry (particularly regarding the correlation between employee turnover and customer relations).”
E-mail from Brad Tucker, Vice President, Programs Advertising Federation of Greater Mobile 1/17/2003.


“You have a great sense of focus. You contribute a great deal for us in keeping us ‘on task.’ For those of us who wander around in an Attention Deficit Daze having you get us back on track is invaluable….. You have a terrific global view. Your leadership on the AE Perceptual Study this year, and the Radio’s Biggest Spenders last year, demonstrate you can sort through lots of information and data and bring into focus where it is valuable to the radio industry as a whole.”
E-mail from Dennis Seely, Vice President of Marketing, Arbitron Radio Station Services 02/13/2001.


“Ben, thanks for all of the hard work you put into this project. You helped make Arbitron look very good in front of a huge group of our customers. Congratulations. The study was a terrific success, as evidenced by the standing room only crowd.”
E-mail from Owen Charlebois, President, Arbitron U.S. Media Services 2/05/2001.


“With his assistance, much of the dissonance within our organization was eliminated and we began to function as a cohesive team. This was accomplished by group and individual activities that Ben facilitated. While Ben is knowledgeable about marketing and management, I found his real gifts were related to his ability to communicate with others and assist them in working together. Ben is friendly, yet professional, and has the ability to quickly develop rapport with people of diverse backgrounds.”
Letter of recommendation from Dr. Cindy Formanek Kirk, Dean, University of Alabama in Birmingham Options 1/15/1999.


“I thoroughly enjoyed our relationship, and the value you brought to Dick Broadcasting Company. Your management skills, sales skills, and market analysis brought credibility to our organization at a time it was critically needed. Your work ethic and the people you recruited will have a lasting impact on our success.”
Letter from Allen Dick, President/CEO, Dick Broadcasting Co. Inc. 4/28/1998.


“Thanks so much for speaking to my sales class. You were terrific! You really are a great speaker. The students were so impressed— and they really appreciated the way you started with their questions and made them the focus.”
Letter from Glenda C. Williams, University of Alabama, School of Communications 2/22/94.


“The opinions have been tallied and our panel, “Alternative Route”, has received rave reviews…… You were organized, dynamic, insightful and prepared- thanks for making me look good.”
Letter from Robert A. Podalski, General Sales Manager, KNIX-FM 3/12/1990.


“But the very complimentary tone of the student comments came as no surprise to me for several important reasons: The enthusiasm you displayed during our initial discussions and throughout the semester as you taught the course made me feel certain that the goals you laid out would be met. And that feeling was bolstered by the comments made by the students in the class both during and after the completion of the term.”
Letter from Dr. Ray Carrol, University of Alabama, School of Communications,5/26/1989.


“We can’t thank you enough for your contributions to the national shares and $$$ growth we enjoyed over the last several years at WZZK A/F. The creative input, support and follow-up clearly placed you in the top tier of our national contacts.”
Letter from Stu Olds, Katz Radio, 11/30/1987.


“Ben is a wonderful student. He does all work easily and well. He takes part in all the things at school. He is fair, honest and a leader. he will always be a leader because he wants to do well.”
Letter from Pearl Dunbar (my first grade teacher at Vance Elementary School in Bessemer, Alabama) to my mother, 5/27/1967.